Delicious Treats by Rachel

Baked goods to warm the heart :)

Hi everyone :)
I'm looking to start a little business selling my treats locally.
I love to bake as a hobby and would love to start selling my food as I love seeing people enjoying my food :)
I love any type of baking.
You can order things like
caramel slice,
passionfruit sponge cake,
lemon meringue pie,
lemon and lime tart,
ANZAC biscuits,
Cheese cakes,
Cakes and cupcakes of all flavours,
mars bar slice
Banana cream pie,
Apple pie or crumble,
I am also open to suggestions if you have requests for specific items you want baked.
I can also do specialty cakes on request.
Christmas puddings can be done on request as well.

Over the coming days and weeks I will be posting a rough pricing guide and photos of foods that have been baked.
If you would like to order something please feel free to contact me via this page or on 0488991198

Cant wait to cook for you
Rachel :)